Coal Ash Law Blog

February 9th, 2015

From ash to eco-friendly solution for hazardous metals removal.

The article linked above discusses the possible use of coal ash for removing hazardous materials from media such as radioactive wastewater. It is one of many possible beneficial reuses of coal ash that have seemed to increase as pressure builds on coal ash generators (mainly coal-fired power plants) to prevent concentrated disposal of the ash.

Many companies in the southern United States (which still have a number of coal-fired plants) have felt the pressure.

See, e.g., Duke Energy sets aside $3.4B for coal ash cleanup; Santee Cooper Ahead of Schedule in Removing Coal Ash.

There is a great deal of research and imaginative proposals to address not only the current generation of coal ash but also the “legacy” ash concentrated in ash pits and lagoons. Proposals such as the one discussed above are examples of the reaction to these market and regulatory forces.